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Regenr8 is charting new engagement territory at the intersection of incentives and ESG/CSR.

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Regenr8 is setting a new bar for responsible engagement

The world is at a tipping point. Climate change, diversity & inclusion, and employee wellness are top of mind for all business leaders and their organizations’ employees. Yet no company in the $200 billion plus incentives and recognition industry is addressing these issues in a holistic manner…until now.

Regenr8 is the first company to marry corporate incentives & recognition programs with ESG and related Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. This is a game changing approach to increase workforce engagement, align corporate values with those of employees, and in doing so; dramatically improve employee productivity and company performance.

Engagement As a Service

Human Relationships

Engagement is fundamentally human whether it’s an employee / employer relationship or a consumer engaging with a brand. All of those relationships can be driven by an optimized EaaS platform powered by sophisticated AI / ML framework.

Engage at Scale

Regenr8 is the Engagement-as-a-Service platform that enables engagements at scale for different use cases such as employee engagement, sales incentives, client appreciation, demand generation and call center motivation. All of these have an embedded AI / ML layer.

Smart Engagement

Regenr8 is the smarter delivery and fulfillment engine for enterprise incentives, recognition and appreciation use cases.

Effortless creative campaigns

Use a collection of pre-built unique templates or design your own pages and email contents. Easy to use drag-and-drop web components and spin up your event or incentive campaign in minutes.

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